Preventive Maintenance

Why have a Preventive Maintenance with

County Line Mechanical ?

Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance:

  1. 1) Priority customer service
  2. 2) No overtime charges on holidays or weekends for emergency calls
  3. 3) Customizable levels of service to meet individual needs
  4. 4) Extended system life with bi-annual servicing on your system.
  5. 5) Service history at no additional charge
  6. 6) Lower Energy bills
  7. 7) Fewer repairs
  8. 8) 10% discount on all repair labor, repair parts and equipment, INCLUDING replacement systems
  9. 9) Improved performance. Our technician will alert you of any problems to avoid an emergency heating and cooling issue and keep your system at optimal performance.
  10. 10)Your Preventive Maintenance is transferable. If you sell your home the agreement would be an additional selling point for you. You may also transfer your contract to your new home.

And most importantly – Peace of Mind.


What a Preventive Maintenance Includes:

1) Cleaning of your furnace

Soot acts as insulation between the heat and the air being passed through your furnace , how much money goes up the chimney when your furnace is dirty?

2)  Clean and disinfect Air Conditioning coils

      A dirty coil causes a heat pump or A/C system to lose 20% or more of its capacity and efficiency. This will cause your electric bills to be higher than necessary.

    A/C indoor coils are a prime location for mold and bacteria to grow. We clean and disinfect our customer’s indoor coils every year, and also place biocide pads in the drain pans to inhibit slime, mold, and bacteria from forming.

    Dirty indoor coils on a heat pump prevent the heat pump from properly transferring the heat created to the indoors, this causes the system to run at much higher temperatures than it should, which leads to premature equipment failure, and higher energy bills.

3)  Testing system safety controls.

A malfunctioning safety control can cause fire or create hazardous conditions in your home.

4)  Testing motors and compressor in your system

Measure and record voltages and amperages to find a problem before it becomes serious.

 5)  Adjusting refrigerant charge

A system that is not charged properly does not operate efficiently or at full capacity.

 6)  Test CO2 detectors

If you have a gas or oil system, you should have one.

 7)  Replace air filters

Our standard air filters will keep a system clean, however a higher efficiency air filter will not only keep your system clean but can help with allergy or asthma issues. Typically, we find our standard filter is equal or higher in MERV rating, than most companies upgraded filters, so don’t be fooled by the word standard.

 8)  Clean humidifier

Keeping your humidifier clean prevents mold and bacteria from growing in your system, and also keeps the humidifier working properly. For example, if you have hard water and do not use a water softener, most humidifiers will cease to properly function within a few years if not cleaned and maintained properly.

 9)  Clean and adjust blower components

We will oil motors, clean the blower wheel and replace fan belts. A dirty blower can reduce the amount of air that a system can move and make the system heat or cool less efficiently.

 10)  Check and adjust gas/oil pressures

A system running with high or low pressures will not heat efficiently and can cause excessive soot build up.


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